Welcome to Cricklecreek Labradors & Cockers, we hope you enjoy looking at our dogs.  We are a small kennel based in the beautiful Scottish Borders.  Andrew and I have two sons,  we are fortunate that both they and their wives take a keen interest in our dogs.   

We have been breeding labradors for over 30 years but only have the occasional litter. Our first bitch was pure field trial bred and we had some fun working her.  Then we became smitten with the show bug and have kept a line going through 10 generations.  Probably our most influential dog was Cricklecreek Cuddly Dudley as most of our present day animals go back to him, Dudley was the softest most gentle of dogs and we try to breed to this temperament.
Ten years ago, our first Cocker arrived. We wanted a small dog, that could put up with the hustle and bustle of our labs, and also keep up on the walks. Although, we have only shown the Cockers occasionally, we always breed back to show lines, as I like to keep a quality look. We have become as smitten with Cockers as we are of our Labradors.
I am an International Championship Show Judge of Labradors, and thanks to this we have met and gained many new friends both here and overseas"

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 It was not long after Andrew and I were married, that I began to miss having a dog in the house. We were both working, but I was working shifts, and we felt that we could organise it that a dog would not be left on its own for too long.I was working for the car hire Hertz. Part of our job was to uplift cars that our clients had left at various depots, and a dog would be able to come too. This work was considered to be second only to an airhostess, and we were considered `dolly birds`. Now don`t fall off your chairs laughing, how things have changed!

Anyway, we heard of this Labrador that spent all of her time shut in a van, was not house trained, and chewed everything in sight Her owners were thinking of having her put to sleep, they were so fed up with her. We got in touch, and persuaded them to let us have her. She duly arrived, and the first thing she did was wee on our carpet. That was the one and only time she ever did anything wrong She turned out to be the sweetest, most biddable dog. Tanya, as we called her had an excellent field trial pedigree, she and I went to classes, and we had some fun picking up at local shoots. She lived to the ripe old age of seventeen and a half, and of course, by then, we were hooked by the wonderful world of the Labrador.

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Lorna and Andrew Blackie

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